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  • Wireless Gate Alarms for rural properties. Protect your farm from intruders, be aware of visitors, day or night, using our wireless infra red system. We cover ranges up to 3+km (line of sight not essential) Takes upto 1/2hr to install max, no wiring. 2 year warranty. Serviced in NZ. All units, no matter what age are repairable!! Visit our web site for more information
  • Product Availability National
    Agtronic Alerts
    Kim or Ian  

  • Dual domestic water filter to remove bacteria & giardia The Mazuma AQ2 is a high quality, dual water filter manufactured by Thailand's leading water filter maker and is ISO and CE quality approved. The AQ2 has an activated carbon filter to remove organic matter and chlorine, plus an additional ceramic filter (filters down to 0.3 microns) to remove bacteria, and parasites like giardia. To remove giardia, a filter of at least 2 microns is required making the AQ2 especially suitable for homes on tank water, as possums in NZ now carry this debilitating disease and can infect your water supply simply by defecating on your roof. It will also remove the much smaller, disease spreading bacteria like e.coli which is typically about 2 microns long with a diameter of 0.8 microns. The filter unit can sit on the bench or be mounted upside down under the bench (bracket included). The dual filter housing comes complete with both Carbon and Ceramic filters (worth about $40 each), filter ring spanner, connecting kit for standard tap or sink mounted faucet, feet for bench mounting and bracket for under sink mounting, installation & operating manual. Takes standard sized, readily available filters. A Resin filter is also available to remove iron laden water. Check out the quality compared to cheaper Chinese copies - dual O ring filter seals, CE approval, will remove bacteria and giardia, etc Specifications: * Operating pressure 15 - 70 psi (0.5Mpa max) * Max flow rate 250 litres/hour * Inlet 3/8" * Dual O ring seals * Weight 3.3 kg, dimensions 35H x 30W x 12D cm
  • Product Availability National
    Town/City Auckland
    Analysis Marketing Ltd
    Geoff Collins  

  • FLOCKTION is a new E-commerce Buying system for the Agricultural Industry. It brings the farmers buying demands together and Live auctions that demand to reputable suppliers, for the best deal. Launching Feb 2013 Email: for more details.
  • Product Availability National
    Peter Stockley  

  • New Product (flexible fluming) Culvert Sock it fits to the end of a culvert pipe to carry away water to prevent erosion.Material is reinforced and UV treated.Any diameter.any length.One man operation.Dam liners. Pondliners. also available
  • Product Availability National
    Town/City Napier
    Plastic Welded Products Ltd trading as AquaTuff
    Peter Madsen  

  • Hydropath electronic water conditioning units,for scale prevention & descaling,kills algae & bacteria,easily retrofitted,no chemicals or maintenance,300000 installed already,3 month perfomance warranty,for hard water problems including iron deposits,fit & forget system works 24/7,proven patented technology.
  • Product Availability National
    Rydlyme N Z Ltd
    Joe Somers  

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