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Emissions Tax

Greetings Readers

The name calling and the unnecessary grandstanding on the part of the Convenor of the Ministerial Group on Climate Change, Pete Hodgson is doing little to promote rational decisions on the sensibility of the need for the imposition of a new livestock levy or tax regime for greenhouse emissions on livestock.

The rush by this Government to ratify the Kyoto Protocol may be the real reason for the continued protest. A belief that the truths that underlie the need for the protocol are being manipulated by the Greens to satisfy their emotive doom and gloom scenarios is not far from the intended livestock levy payers minds. But even worse is the fact that without ratification by our competitors in the international market, livestock producers will be further disadvantaged by their increased cost of production bought on by the protocol and the levies.

For reasons that lie deep in their makeup, the current group of government politicians show a perverse love hate relationship with NZ agriculture. This lot have moved on from the “sunset industry” mantra of the eighties and have instituted an unspoken edict of “make the buggers pay” in any matters of public good that touch on agriculture.

It is not a sufficient explanation from Government claiming that if this levy is rejected they could impose another even more devastating carbon tax in accord with what has been agreed internationally.

This Government is demanding that producers fund objective research for practical benefit when they are in fact really seeking to placate shifting ideological political agendas that if they were worthy are more sensibly funded by general taxation.

The levy, once established will be a bottomless bucket in front of producers. If the right research answers are not found, more funding will be demanded.

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