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Farming in Good Hands

Greetings Readers

Four days on a site at the National Fieldays promoting "Rotation" provided an interesting platform from which to meet and chat with an extensive range of folk with rural interests.

The capabilities and understanding that was displayed by today's young and not so young farmers that stopped by the stand was impressive. As one associate claimed "it's good to see that old farming farts are being replaced by something better!".

However it was notable that farming is an intensely focused and at times stressful vocation for many. A weariness in the faces of some of the couples showed that there is a price being paid for the intensity of attention and the risks being managed.

I find it hard to judge whether the intensity of farming is any greater than in earlier times but it was clear that many I spoke with had a better grasp of the importance of managing the critical elements of today's farming environment than was shown in my time.

The single-mindedness of the current crop of managers, sharemilkers and owners that I met this week gave me a feeling of confidence that the pastoral industry is in good hands and quite capable of surmounting the challenges that lie ahead.

Good Farming

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