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“Dirty Dairying” becomes “Destructive Dairying

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Urban based environmental lobby groups are showing Don Quixote style imaginations as they ride in ever broadening circles of madness pressing their claims by tilting at windmills resident in their minds only.

Last weeks shift in focus by Forest and Bird from dirty dairying" - primarily aimed at water pollution - to "destructive dairying”, demanding “no conversion of indigenous habitats, including wetlands, to pasture" demonstrates the true agenda embedded in the greenie foolishness now confronting private landowners.

Fonterra was suckered into developing a set of environmental rules for supply that could see dirty dairy farmers kicked out of the co-op under the guise of presenting a new market focus to dairy production to satisfy market demand for a “clean green and kind” farming environment.

While Fonterra has not yet confirmed the new ‘Market Focus” as policy, it has now painted itself into a corner that, should it choose to reject the proposal, it will be condemned as a bad corporate citizen and if it does impose environmental “rules” as a condition of supply it will have destroyed supplier confidence in the Co-op’s ability to manage its affaires in the interests of its members.

Now, having manipulated Fonterra into this regrettable position Forest and Bird have come out with the same threatening tactic – perform to our wishes or we will destroy your market – on a challenge that now intrudes right to the heart of the rights and responsibilities of private land ownership.

Fonterra has made a major mistake in allowing these manipulative organisations to penetrate so far into the operations of the industry.

In any other area of commerce such market threatening destructive action by special interest groups would be seen for what it is – an act of terrorism – and the perpetrators would be treated as such.

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