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Going Around Again

Greetings Readers

The Prime Minister’s swing through Europe this week is taking on elements of a farce. For a lady who finds war abhorrent she has been quick to pose along side the courage, sacrifice, determination and loyalty shown by NZers in battles of the past and bask in their reflected glory earned half a world away.

The sweetness of the PM’s hand kissing by President Chirac does not extinguish the ineptness of the affront made to our three significant trading partners US, UK and Australia in the past month. The gathering of youth experience exchange agreements is trivial in comparison with the real trade agreement tasks at hand

Predictions of a rocky ride for NZ’s agricultural sector as the exchange rate rises, commodity prices soften and New Zealand is left out of free trade deals are being filibustered by senior members of the government probably much to the dismay of the trade minister who is seeing his efforts for trade improvement destroyed.

There are many reasons for agricultural producers to be apprehensive about farm profitability over the next year or two. Major shifts in international trade, economic and political groupings are taking place. But NZ seems hell bent on a self indulgent binge pursuing ideological political fantasies that make us look irrational and unreliable and therefore not suitable for inclusion.

Be certain that as rural terms of trade decline it will be the politicians who exclaim that they did their best and anyhow it’s the farmers fault for investing so much in a sunset industry - again…

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