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Fonterra Council – Just a Bed of Pansies?

Greetings Readers

To borrow a nice descriptive Aussie phrase – has the Fonterra Shareholder Council turned into a”Bed of Pansies”?

This body setup to satisfy the need for a capable watchdog to analyse and debate on behalf of the coops members seems to be turning into a PR puppet for the company.

Where is the analysis? Where are the alternate proposals and where are the reports on raising the standards of Fonterra’s performance?

It seems that supplier remoteness and isolation from the day to day activities of Fonterra is being exacerbated by the presence of the council by providing a blind rather than a conduit for supplier concerns reaching the companies decision makers.

Perhaps the fault lies with initial elections that enabled the high profile antagonists of the merger to gain votes and be elected by poorly informed electors. But it is these resisters of the merger who are now sitting on their hands because their strength lay in opposing and limiting rather than bringing vision and leadership to the council.

Perhaps the description “Bed of Pansies” is too kind because of the complete absence of colour to the council’s efforts.

Good Farming

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