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Rotational Grazing

Greetings Readers

Your editor has spent the past year putting together a new website called Rotation.

The site I believe has some unique attributes that have had to wait until, now when the internet systems are starting to match the needs of users for faster movement of volumes of data.

Rotation is a rotational grazing simulation program that selects the best matching daily rotation plan for each mob or herd of stock from the available paddocks included in the simulation

It was a program that was originally written 20 years ago for use on our own large herd dairy farm.

The most significant difference between Rotation and other feed budgeting program’s now available is that the structure of the Rotation program is built around a dynamic simulation rather than a static accounting.

For farmers who record their grass covers on a regular basis Rotation now provides an excellent tool to utilise that information in the most effective manner in the day to day management of their farms.

While there is a large amount of interesting information generated by Rotation its single most important benefit is a report which lists the paddocks in daily order which best matches the feeding needs for each herd or mob to rotate through for the next 42 days.

We think you will find it an exceptionally useful site. We invite you to try it.

Good Farming

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