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The Image of Agriculture.

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and agribusiness are alive and well in New Zealand, but they have a poor image; a more positive profile is needed says a report put out by a small group promoting the formation of an

The above statement was made on the same day that an Australian report was released by the Committee for Sydney, which warns that if the city and the bush do not start working together and do away with the concept of a "sandstone curtain" dividing them, Sydney's role as a global city will be threatened.

The Aussies say that the big end of town is tired of the increasingly adversarial country-versus-city debate and wants the bush to realise it needs Sydney as much as Sydney needs the bush.

It seems only yesterday that David Lange – a one time PM - felt compelled to pronounce the demise of NZ’s primary industries because they were of the “sunset” variety. However in the intervening 15 years those same industries have produced billions of dollars of exchange in spite of the alleged end of day status.

The Mayor of Auckland is in full flight shouting his overblown demands for more of the national cake to be directed to overcome his cities over population at the same time as scientists point to the lack of funding for research and university or polytechnic courses cannot attract sufficient students to courses teaching agriculture or food industry technologies.

The Agribusiness Foundation in NZ may or may not be the answer to promote a change in attitudes about agriculture but it is correct in identifying a problem which our Aussie city mates have taken further by claiming that “In a global market, the city and the bush must work together to maximise our competitiveness and our prosperity”

Where is that leadership coming from in NZ?

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