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Who Wants Research?

Greetings Readers,

The Green/Greenpeace/GE Free NZ lobby are intensifying their anti research, anti technology, anti commerce and anti change PR in such a manner that they are obscuring the generally acknowledged concern with new bio technology research – is it appropriate, is it controlled and is it safe.

Bio research in NZ has over the past few years been thoroughly studied, audited, reported and finally legislation put in place to regulate the activities of scientists as they go about their work.

It seems that it is not enough that these lobbyists should demand accommodation of their fears of some disastrous laboratory mistake. They now wish to exercise commercial judgement on the sensibility of any research producing something that the market does not want.

According to Greenpeace GE Campaigner Steve Abel, “There is no point producing something that nobody wants to buy,”

Such pompous puffery ignores the normal process of new product development – many are researched and few successful. This may well apply to the usefulness of milk from genetically modified cows but the proof of that is in the future.

In times past agricultural research focused on growing two blades of grass where one grew before - a seemingly simple objective. But in its way, it is perhaps similar to the current research into improving the characteristics of milk, a benefit is gained either by efficiency of production or efficiency of nutrition.

The anti research lobbyists need to be reminded that there is no point in complaining about flavour of the stew if you haven’t caught the rabbit.

Good Farming

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