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Land Access Study

Greetings Readers

The governments plan to set out to clarify the legalities of public access over private land has the appearances of another move by urban dwellers to diminish the rights and priveledges of land ownership that have been embedded in the land tenure system of NZ.

Not satisfied with the imposition of the Resource Management Act to control land use from outside the farm gate. This appears as a new move which if pursued to an extreme could enable the so inclined to freely trample and intrude on the farmer from inside the farm gate.

It is just be another push in the continued demands by pressure and lobby groups to expand their self serving rights of access and influence over ownership and title over the previously held rights of holders of freehold rural property.

The underlying conflict appears to be centred on who should benefit from the commercialisation of the intangible aspects of country life.

In an ever crowding world the ability to market the better aspects of a “rural experience” is more than the provision of a quality home-stay or a superb view.

Mr Sutton’s committee will be entering a very fraught area as they explore the strength of the feelings that reside with the fact and myth of the property ownership and control and who should benefit from the way that these rights are exercised.

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