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Organics - Possibilities and Pitfalls

Greetings Readers

A little winter cheer today with Kiwi Dairies announcement of a $3.82 per kg of milk solids dairy payout for this past season. I hope the suppliers of the other major portion of the industry also enjoy a similar payout as all dairy farmers have been waiting for some improvement to the industries performance for a year or two.

The Greens have been generating a big volume of news around their stance on organic production over recent months.

Affco's survey report shows an interpretation of rural intention that to me is a little surprising. Yes we all want to eat healthy food but by implication has the food we have produced in the past been proven unhealthy.

A visit to the 'organics' tent at the Fieldays showed the confusion and conflict amongst the so called believers as to what really is meant by 'organic' and what are the agreed standards that differentate the qualities of organic production. If the qualities are not measurable perhaps they don't exist.

The Green Party has banged on about the need for all New Zealand food production to be organic by 2020. Overseas media have taken this to mean that as the Greens are a party of the Government Coalition - it is law. The potentials for market disruption and value depreciation of NZ's exports as a result of this emotional and unfounded and false promotion could be huge.

The 'clean green image' of NZ was not aquired by organic pettyfogging but by the proven qualities and values for pastoral production that have been practised for a century or more by NZ farmers.

Enjoy your winter break

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