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Internet Based farm Modelling

Greetings Readers,

I wrote last week on the advent of farm systems modeling becoming available to individual farmers on the web.

Grazing Systems Ltd have today gone public with their site which will enable pastoral farmers to gain a different perspective on the management of their operations

The site is at and is well worth a visit.

Instead of the normal management approach of projecting the future based on an analysis of the past this model is based on the energy (grass) produced by the farm being allocated to the best class of stock to give the best financial return.

I think you will be surprised at the best stocking outcomes for different regions - particularly, the best use of North Island hill country - sheep on current price relationships and grass growth rate patterns do not show up well. It could also re-ignite the breeding versus buying arguments of beef production.

The real strength of this model is that it is specific to the individual farm and enables the farmer to explore the realities of their particular environment.

Take a look at the site While based on New Zealand pastoral practice it is equally as useful in many other regions of the world.

I hope the flooding is receding in those areas that have been battered by the easterly storms and we revert to the mild winter conditions of a week or two ago.

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