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Greetings Readers

The knowledge economy has been touted as the salvation of New Zealand's future standard of living. As a practical rural fellow I have been at a loss to define, towhat productive aspect of our economy this knowledge would be applied. It seems others are also aware of this gap. Dr Freeth of Wrightsons highlighted his concerns last week.

He emphasised the so-called knowledge economy of New Zealand must have its heart in agriculture and New Zealand's primary industries and those thinking otherwise are deluding themselves. While New Zealand was having some success with computers, software, electronics and Internet companies, people were kidding themselves if they believed that was where our business future lay.

Hard nosed research as basic as "making two blades of grass grow where one now grows", using the best of bio technology is critical for the future well being of all New Zealanders. Fuzzy, emotional, science averse, "green" politicking must be put in correct perspective - a tolerable personal fad or fashion with no place in the mainstream of feeding the world or supporting New Zealand's standard of living.

NZ farmers must direct, demand and cajole from their key position in the production channel, support for basic research, production research, product research and market research for pastoral production.

Splendid 15-degree days must be making the grass grow at your place!

The Editor


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