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Romney Wool Growers Applauded

Greetings Readers

Romney Growers in following the Merino example should be applauded for their courage in setting out a plan to ensure that their particular style of wool has a profitable place in the market.

A structure based on cooperative principles has much to commend it and certainly is far removed from the wasteful levy and hope wool promotion activities of the past 50 years.

A renaissance of producers accepting real responsibility for the processing and marketing of their products gives hope for the future. The cooperative principle of freedom for entry and exit from the Romney co-op structure is not spelled out and it will be interesting to see how the Romney producers resolve this.

Market success arises from market power and market power is a relative term. Strong branding, consistent and relevant quality, security of supply and excellent service and support based on product and market research is real market power.

Support the Romney grower's proposal if what they offer is relevant to your farm business. New Zealand at large should be pleased that the farming entrepreneurs have not had all their initiative and drive stomped out of them during the past period of destructive criticism of the agricultural industry.

Lets hope many more initiatives of this kind take root.

More frost and more sunshine - man and beast must be really happy.

The Editor


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