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Objective Environmentalism - Urgently Needed for Farmings Future

Greetings Readers

A rather disjointed press release on environmentalism is included in the news items below.

I believe it contains many warnings for farmers of the likely pressures that will be placed on them in the future.

Should, as now appears likely, the emotion based green environmental lobby be overwhelming in capturing the minds of an unthinking urban society that is more and more decoupled from the realities of nature, organized agricultural production in the form of individual farmers will be singled out for vilification to an unprecedented level.

The importance that was once placed on thoroughly researched scientific process and peer review has been debased by the appeals of quacks and charlatans posing in the popular press with answers for all of mankind's ills or presumed curses on nature. Most of these cures require some section of society or mankind to loose or go without to satisfy the misdirected principals promoted by these well-fed well-educated and well-intentioned posers.

I wonder at some future time, if like McCarthyism of the 1950's the perpetrators of the green myth will not say, "we didn't know we were wrong - besides it was the responsibility of the rest of society not to follow us if we were incorrect in our assumptions"

Perhaps each generation creates new windmills to tilt at.

Good farming

The Editor


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