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Farming Finished?

Greetings Readers

The technologists are at it again! The article below seems to be carrying forward similar ideas to the now discredited arguments of the smart financial gurus of the 80's and 90's - that the future then lay with paper shuffling and figure manipulation. We know who paid for that rush of blood through high interest and exchange rates to tidy up the mess created.

A mentor of mine in an earlier life asked this question of me at a time of indecision, 'what did you create today and was it wanted?' I think this is a question that technologists need to answer each day also.

It seems too easy today to talk in a decoupled manner from the realities of the world.

Technologists say they want to add value, with a quantum leap, capitalising the competitive advantage of Kiwi ingenuity and education.

What pompous puffery!

All those activities listed can only be carried out on something that already exists. The knowledge economy can only exist if it is applied to achieve a benefit - a means to an outcome - knowledge is not an end in itself.

As farmers we need the technologists to participate with us to further develop that that we already have an edge on the rest of the world - animal production. New Zealand farmers want to be better producers, to be suppliers to innovative processors, to have innovative and reliable marketers, to be able to deliver relevant products to relevant markets and most of all to be recognised as being a key component in the ongoing growth of this country.

Farm and forest based products continue to be the major portion of this countries economy. To condemn it as a failure that should be discarded is foolish talk.

Be proud of the work you do as a farmer!

The Editor


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