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Is it Animal Farm Revisited?

Greetings Readers

The news section contains a commentary discussing globalisation and GMO's from an Australian perspective.

For the short time I have been collecting and writing the news items on these pages I have become increasingly aware of the conflict between those who wish to embrace a future and those who don't.

One group wishes to try, to test, to experiment with products, markets, philosophies and relationships - and another group wish to retreat to the safety of the known, the tried and true of the past, to isolate, to avoid, to not disturb.

Farmers appear to more and more be coming in conflict with the values of an urban community increasingly remote from the brutality and tradeoffs inherent in food production.

The contradiction present in the objection to battery hens or farrowing cages is lost on city dwellers who are unable to see their life parallels living in little boxes in a city of millions.

The food is trucked in, medication is provided, the lights are dimmed, mind-numbing entertainment is piped in and refuse and sewage is dumped just outside the city front door.

Where will city folk go when the cities are closed down because of the unsustainable environmental effects and the inhumane living conditions inherent in such an objectionable artificial system!

A splendid warm rain with soil temps at 11 degrees - grass must bounding out of the ground...

The Editor


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