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Greetings Readers

The worst aspects of the 'more market' philosophy of the past 15 years has left NZ agriculture with a poor self image but even more importantly an image as an industry with poor employment prospects.

All farmers should take up the comment of Professor Bywater of Lincoln's Animals and Food Sciences Division on opportunities in agriculture.

These opportunities are driven by the urgent need for more production research, process research and marketing research to better-fit NZ's agriculture production to the worlds markets.

But even more significant is the development of a management and leadership base of our industry by ensuring that entrants to the industry have a broad based education to support the specialist areas they choose to operate.

The seemingly reoccurring, fragmented and bewildered approach to the restructuring of the meat, wool and dairy industries may be more a symptom of incomplete education to the world we live in than we, as farmers would wish to admit.

Good farming

The Editor


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