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Farmers Must - Cooperate, Cooperate, Cooperate.

Greetings Readers

There is a warning to NZ dairy farmers from the current share sale that will destroy Enza's usefulness to many growers. High-sounding rhetoric does not disguise the slow descent of the work of the many in the apple industry in the past for the benefit of the capital smart few in the future.

At a time when apple growers are under considerable financial pressure it is understandable that individual growers will find a capital realization of some ten's of thousands of dollars very attractive to assist short-term survival or exit.

There is an urgent need for farmers to understand the critical need to act collectively and cooperate to avoid the devastation of the corporatisation on their industries. We band together to sell our products for the best possible price at the farm gate - not for a return on capital on processing and distribution.

The term benefits of unbundling of farmer returns are a myth. It is a construct to strip profit from producers. Review the percent of retail value that arrives at the farm gate to gain an understanding of which part of the production, processing and distribution channel that expects to gain from unbundling.

The artificial valuation of the deregulated power industry to justify the high line and power charges to give a modest return on the inflated capital value is an example of the greed of capital investors who are setting out to impose the same environment on the unbundled cooperative industry.

Enjoy your farming!

The Editor.


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