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Rural Telecommunications.

Greetings Readers

New Zealand farmers reading this are likely to be at the end of a telephone line that is suffering from interference from local electric fences, a local exchange that is overloaded, connecting to an ISP that takes a minimum of six tries to connect to down load a page that could take up to 2 minutes to be readable.

The magic of the Kiwi share is fast fading as communications technology races away from simple voice telephony expected when Telecom was formed. Telecom has reason to be concerned when new players are gaining more market share of the high profit urban and business areas of telecommunications supply and service.

To be left with urban households and the rural network as the business base of Telecom should be of major concern to all.

It is time for leadership to be shown by the communications minister and negotiate a more realistic position with Telecom, particularly where rural service is concerned. Farmers will pay heavily in the future if ways are not found to urgently improve the connectivity of the rural network.

Government needs to face up to the non-deliverable component of the Kiwi share and join with Telecom or some other service provider by funding, urgent development to acceptable standards, the rural network.

Farmers too, need to be prepared to accept some charge for the improved technology provided.

Hope you are getting enough rain where you are to get the best from these mild winter days.

The Editor


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