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Who Will Pay

Greetings Readers

NZ's approach to bio security has been reconstructed over the past few years, but in that same period there has been widely reported challenges with some escapes of unwanted imports.

An urban community relates to snakes and other biting 'thing's and see their destruction as being normal and urgent but have an indifference and at times objection to actions to destroy invasive pests that require costly, harsh and persistent methods to destroy.

It seems ironic that the jobs and livelihoods of many beekeepers and others that rely on pollination services should be so casually dismissed as not worth the public cost and effort to apply a sum that is less than that public money allocated to support the arts for the next year or two.

Livestock producers should be alert to a similar attitude if and when a disease challenge arises in the livestock arena. Public good and user pays have become a very confused in the minds of the politicians.

Pandering to emotive claims is not a substitute for the application of good science, good judgement and the best problem solving skills to prepare for and manage challenges as they arise.

Good farming

The Editor

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