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New Zealand Produce Does not Require Rebranding

Greetings Readers

Christine McKenzie in an article below continues a theme that all farmers should be aware.

The food New Zealand produces now is the best!

Any attempt to redefine and hijack the qualities inherent in NZ produce as being superior with the brand "Organics" attached should be avoided. The very act of attempting to imply organic superiority, devalues the skills knowledge and effort that has been applied to the brand "New Zealand" for the past 150 years.

Greens and others who are promoting organics and "healthy" food production as being one and the same take a bold risk. The organic lobbies excited by the process of change have avoided facing up to the reality of the outcome.

That outcome will be the fragmentation and destruction of consumer's confidence in what NZ produces followed by dismay and anger when the consumer faces a diminishing and erratic food supply at increased prices.

The concept of organics only works on the back of a strong well-structured and confidant food industry. New Zealand producers have invested too much to allow an emotive lobby to hijack our reputation for quality on the fickle well fed "latte brigade" who will move on from 'organics" to some other fashionable expression of their values.

Good farming and enjoy your coffee!

The Editor


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