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Who is Messing it up For Dairy Farmers?

Greetings Readers

A lovely fine day after an unfortunate outcome in Wellington yesterday.

The directors of dairy companies appear to be bumbling along with their management of the transition of the industry that they have accepted responsibility to work in the best interests of.

It is unusual for your editor to agree with Fed Farmers politicking but in this instance I believe Mr Pederson is getting it right in reprimanding Kiwi for dropping the ball.

The Dairy Industry has over the years been able to generate an amazing amount of goodwill from parliamentarians - and generally more from a Labour Government, so why should the main companies take alternate turns at knocking the offers from government to assist with the industries transition.

Could it be that the industry leadership does have a vision and they are steadily working toward that goal but have forgotten to explain to shareholders what they are about? Or could it be that they are even more confused and equivocal than the suppliers they are leading.

Just what is going on?

Dairy company directors are at risk of isolating themselves from their shareholders and from those with the authority and will to smooth the path of the industries change

A lost opportunity that baffles the grass roots.

Good Farming

The Editor


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