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Beef Optimism

Greetings Readers

Beef rearers are in a very optimistic mood and many market indicators show there is good reason to be hopeful for improved returns from this next season.

A number of reports in the past week or two show a bit of repositioning is occurring in the supply market with extra beef being produced out of South America while some confusion still remains with the role European beef will make on world markets.

The welcome influence of the WTO reviews may be starting to show there is an opportunity for equity of treatment in a few controlled markets for beef exporters.

However the major influence on NZ farm gate beef prices remains the exchange rate. It seems that some sort of confrontation must arise between the actions of the reserve bank and the wish of the government to maintain a growing economy with low cost imports.

Should beef producers trust the “dairy farmers daughter” to set a sensible balance as she goes about her business of “giving the workers a turn”.

Good farming

The Editor


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