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Gareths Outburst

Greetings Readers

Contrary to the best of intentions it has taken two weeks to get some semblance of order back in to handling this communication technology! Language and technology difficulties aren’t solved by “its a piece of cake” – it isn’t.

I did not intend to mix my family journey with the content of the site but it has become difficult to avoid. Paris can cause matters farming to be lower down the list of priorities! Even more interesting is the effect on ones perspective on the daily activities in NZ as we as New Zealanders go about taking our place in the worlds scheme of things.

Continuing concerns about the future of the dairy and wool industries are provoked by Garath Morgans outburst on there being a dairy industry without needing producers can only be categorised as “bull s**t”.

Every farmer needs to have foremost in his mind when discussing industry structure – we band together to work cooperatively for a better return for our products at the farm gate. That is our objective.

If Gareth feels that he wants to invest in profitable processing and distribution of dairy products let him set up his business and take his chances without security of milk supply and I am sure he will end up with a business selling fruit drinks and processed meats.

Gareth is indulging himself with Bob Jones style marginal analysis. No matter what industry you are in there has to be some producers at the margin. Pointing out the obvious in such a crude manner devalues his contribution at this time as we face up to the futures of the major farming industries.

I repeat – farmers band together to maximise price for produce at the farm gate.

Good farming

The Editor


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