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What are Those Aussies Hatching

Greetings Readers

Trans Tasman Dairy Industry matters got another kick along yesterday when Aussie National Dairy Foods claimed to be a buyer rather than a takeover target as the Australasian dairy industry consolidates.

National Foods seems presumptuous enough to believe it has an opportunity to buy into New Zealand.

Who would be the seller?

The above underlines the continuing urgency for NZ dairy farmers to ensure they complete the consolidation of all NZ dairy assets into one producers cooperative to gain best advantage from the reconstruction of the Australian dairy industry and other world opportunities that are proceeding whether NZ is ready or not.

It would be a folly to allow the continuation of side deals by the two NZ coops in Australia to the extent that it jeopardises the consolidation of New Zealand producers into a cooperative that will be a significant player in the world market.

Where is the leadership and where is the plan that will give producer/shareholders the confidence to proceed with growing their investment in their industry?

Good farming.

The Editor


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