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In Trade - Who Can You Trust

Greetings Readers

Todays news briefs contain a slew of trade and financial proposals that have a potential to affect NZ farmer’s returns in the short term future.

Globalisation of trade seems to be an obective that while promoted by many and opposed by a few,seems to have the same qualities of the Lange Governments 80’s “level playing field” - an academic appeal but no insight of the consequences when applied to the real world!

How will NZ’ers manage theaftermath of the sellout bythe current shareholders in what seems to be a “lets cut the loss and get out” approach that underlys the NZ Rail and Telecoms abandonment of continuing investment in the services they eagerly purchased and accepted responsibility for ten years ago.

The US governments revisit to the US lamb tariff saga claiming that because the Australian and New Zealand dollars have develued to such a degree that the tariff had been nulified the current tariff rates should be lifted. A two faced response by the US when measured against the seemingly sensible US proposal for the rule revision of tariffs and quotas under the WTOliberalisation of agricultural trade proposals.

Are these trade and investment issues so complex that our politicans and trade negotiators cannot foresee nor influence the consequences of the forked tonguespeak of the major industrial nations?

Good farming

The Editor


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