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Wool Board Slow to Change

Greetings Readers

The Wool Board is struggling to gain the confidence of many growers as it tries to manage the restructure recommended by the McKinsey Report.

It seems that the quaint and now, outdated voting system favours individual producers with larger production volumes.

One wonders if central government voting was based onthe amount of individual or company tax paid what sort of government would result!

It seems that the wool industry is indulging in a little taxation without representationand the indifference of the majority of voters may lie with the fact that they have come to realise that their opinion does not carry any weight in a vote.

Is a self indulgent folly perpetuated by the current leaders of the industry to continue with a voting system that was designed to slow change at a time when change is desperately needed?

The short step from optimism to indifference has again been traversed by the wool industry and probably for the same reasons that all the prior restructuring proposals have been abandoned – the vested interests have out smarted the average producer – and so the indifference.

The wool industry deserves betterand is capable of better.

Good farming

The Editor


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