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GM Commission Exposes Conflicts in Organics

Greetings Readers

Submissions to the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification demonstrate the confusion present in the Green/Organic lobby as to what really is their agenda. Are they just opportunists trying to extract a personal economic advantage or are they the only true holders of the great truths of life.

Two organic farmers prominent in farmer and national politics present completely opposed views on the same issues. How do commercial farmers come to a sensible conclusion on future production methods when the alternative propositions are so flaky?

An unintentioned but never the less important outcome from the GM Commission may be the exposing of the anti technology lobby as public miss informers at a time when science chose to hide behind corporate secrecy and not inform the public of the risks, qualities and benefits of the results of their research.

NZ farmers have always been early adopters of new technologies, which have been the basis of our low cost production techniques. One can smile at the time when AI was introduced to dairy farming 50 years ago. Those for AI recognised the advantages of faster herd improvement and those against foresaw unnatural disaster and malformed calves. Who questions the AI technique now?

Good farming

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