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Rural Telecom Service Improvement.

Greetings Readers

Inspite of the rhetoric and claims it seems that Telecom and Ihug are applying effort to solving the connectivity issues for rural clients of the Internet. The Wairoa project appears to be an excellent example of the combination of resources to ensure that a community can obtain a better service.

Telecom has carefully set out the cost of upgrading the rural network along with the annual costs of running the existing standard service. Proposals to sell the rural network to power companies on the little information available have no merit; as such a proposal contains no provision for improved service.

If Telecom wishes to get out of a rural service that is costing $169 million in losses each year, it is surely worth a handsome sum to pay off the responsibilities of the Kiwi share. The share that compels Telecom to maintain a satisfactory service to all NZ clients of the Telecom network.

Farmers need more information on the costs and structure of the Wairoa project. Also required are informed indications and applicability of future wireless and cable technology developments plus a realistic attitude from Telecom to its responsibilities to rural clients.

Improve the service or buy out of the Kiwi Share contract are the options facing Telecom..

Good farming

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