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Young Farmer Contest

Greetings Readers

The broadening of the concept of the Young Farmer Contest to include a greater cross section of young rural people is an excellent move. While it is seldom that sponsors see past the immediate marketing requirements Wrightson and AGMARDT are to be congratulated on seeing the broader vision.

There have always been that small group of dedicated career staff who had a vision and love of farming but farm employment has for too long been seen by a floating work force as the last resort occupation until something better came along.

Today’s formal training structures and recognised qualification standards have moved farm employee training away from the informal on job training and casual associations from membership of YFC Clubs of old.

The Young Farmer Contest now has the opportunity to improve the image and demonstrate the desirability of farming as a career to a wide audience. Audiences who have been fed a diet of Fred Dagg, Mainland Cheese and Toyota rural images that have no relevance to reality of todays career farmer.

Encourage your staff to participate.

Good farming

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