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Is There Life for Strong Wools

Greetings Readers

Strong Wools of New Zealand are facing the problem of implementing the plan for the procurement and marketing of New Zealand’s coarser wools.

The team for the processors is presenting a concerted case for no change to the auction sale and delivery system because it suits them very well.

Wool growers face unpalatable options; continue with no change; and become uneconomic wool producers – slow death - or confront the change and risk the wrath of the buyers and processors – quick death - or mange the change to achieve the objective – there is life after all!

It seems that woolgrowers have reached this point many times in the past and taken the easy course – remain with status quo and we will be loved by the buyers and processors.

The groundwork has been done, the risks identified and the unique propositions promoted. Do or die is far too dramatic for a product that has become a minor component of most farmer’s annual turnover however the product has uses, it has potential and as producers, wool growers have a chance to manage and control its future development.

Don’t be swayed by the few who are risk averse – their way for the past 20 years has all but destroyed an industry.

Enjoy the milder fine weather

Good farming

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