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Should We All March in Step for Efficiency

Greetings Readers

The Alderney in his Farmers View raises the issue that we all handle in various ways - balancing our individual values against group expectations.

Certainly stage of career has a major influence on our view of the world. Farm business debt ratio has in the past been considered the best motivator for hard work by channeling youthful exuberance for work by young farmers into asset growth.

However the compounding four percent on farm efficiency improvement targeted by the dairy industry is not about hard work for low returns but about efficiency of production. Production on farm of the same value or more for less inputs or costs.

Could this be a coded warning from the industries processors and marketers that they want to buy your product for the lowest price possible to ensure that their corporatised section of the industry can appear successful albeit on the back of liow priced raw material suppliers located anywhere in the world - farmers like ourselves.

This is the classic tail wagging the dog scenario, with the dominant view now being driven by the groups that were once the servants of the owners of the industry.

Corporatisation is about defending areas of business responsibility measured by return on capital. Cooperatisation is about delivering the best price for the cooperating suppliers of the raw material.

The analogy of a Trojan horse being placed in our midst would not be too strong a warning.

A mild rain, sunshine and grass growth is the ultimate in efficiency. I hope it is happening on your farm.

Good farming

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