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Dollars and Biotechnology

Greetings Readers

  • The rising dollar

Further confirmation if needed, of the changed prospects for a continuing low dollar is coming out of the finance trading houses.

The worst aspect of this change is the realisation that few farmers, other than those dairying, will have had access to the financial management tools available to ensure that at least this seasons production could be sold on the early season pricing prospects. Perhaps it indicates the need for producers to acquire skills and judgment in forward selling of production or forward buying of exchange to further improve the efficiency of their operations.

I have heard it said by farmers that they have enough problems to handle inside the farm gate and that looking for more decisions on matters outside the farm gate is a folly. But in many instances a 10 percent change in the dollar implies a 20 percent change in the farm gate price. Is that not worth some effort to capture?

  • Biotechnology

A news report out of the US of public policy recommendations for Biotechnology agreements between the EU and US makes for disturbing reading. The progress of the anti-science lobby against legitimate science is alarming. It certainly sounds a warning for the outcome arising from NZ's own Royal Commission on Biotechnology.

NZ politicians also need to insist upon biotechnology policies that make scientific and common sense and that are genuinely in the public interest and not dictates imposed by radical single-issue environmentalists.

Reversion to the methods and practices of pre 1930's pastoral farming is certainly not in the interest of producers or consumers.

Artificially induced angst, promoted by supposedly rational citizens, intrudes on our lives.It is only a year since the urban doom merchants dined out with stories of disaster induced by computer failure from the millennium bug. That same manipulative, emotional and irrational technique resides in the biotechnology argument.

Science, research and judgment are a paramount requirement for useful biotechnological development. Good farming needs these processes to continue to ensure farming continues its predominant role in successfully feeding the world.

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