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Those Bloody Politicans

Greetings Readers

The supposedly altruistic but effectively stupid intrusions of politicians into the market place is a continuing pattern and equally as certain as the rising of tomorrows sun.

Labour has decided that the well meaning but inadequately funded environmental lobby needs assistance to carry out the work for all citizens in disciplining the production sector and farming in particular under the Resource Management Act

State subsidization of Resource Management Act hearings is placing the resource of the many against the few - often an individual producer - when defending against community will intruding on the rights of an individual.

The centerpiece of good government has been parliaments responsibility to defend by legislation the demands of a community to take from the individual. Good and just government is a reasonable expectation of any parliament - however it is being eroded by the actions of the single issue pressure groups that seem to not only be dissatisfied with their own miserable lives but they also wish to ensure that everyone else should live equally as miserably, and perpetuation of that miserableness should be funded by state support.

Two further items of summer news below highlights the incredible mess US and EU subidisation has brought to there farming communities. The politician's skills at double speak and half-truths are clear. At the time when the US trumpeted belief in freeing world trade at the WTO it put in place a new farm plan that drove US farming further into state subsidy dependency.

Tariffs and subsidy reduction and the inclusion of farm trade on the WTO agenda were to be the outcome of the Uruguay Round in 1992. Instead the main obstructers of free world trade of agricultural products have set out on an orgy of further subsidisation and subterfuge to frustrate an orderly progression to free world trade of agricultural products.

But even worse is the misery that these politicians are going to heap on their individual farmers when the plug is finally pulled on state support for agriculture.

Not even the sale of run down farmland to "city money" as described by the UK article could be described as a satisfactory outcome. Plus the UK farmers are well into the "misery" period of their decline with thousands leaving farming each month.

What a waste of a scarce resource - the farmers' knowledge and willingness to work.

Good farming

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