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Trade Rules

Greetings Readers

Farming news seems to take a holiday at this time of year. Perhaps an indication that holiday time has a place in the farmer's roster after all.

Expectations for some improvement in the conditions of international trade in agricultural products are slow to materialize. It seems the Canadians are feeling significant pressure as well.

It is clear that the WTO has the clout to make the rulings stick as is exampled by the change in Koreas beef importing programs.

The current lift in farm gate prices should not divert NZ's attention from the urgent need for a reforming of the rules for Ag trade as being promoted by the WTO. Our politicians should be redoubling their efforts to get some definitive movement toward reform.

The growing evidence against the emotion based single issue pressure groups is starting to take form as science and analysis rouses its self to refute some of the outlandish claims being promoted by the organic/green sector consumers and producers.

The irony of the contradictions in the two UK articles below should not be lost when comparing the posturing of the local greens as they present their truths as being the only way forward for NZ farming.

Good farming

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