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Where is the Industry Leadership?

Greetings Readers

The influence of the Boston Consulting Group on major components of New Zealand's primary industries is quite evident. Taking up the presentation and promotion of change as in the Wool and Dairy Industries structural changes seems to be crossing the line between benefiting the producer and BCG self promotion.

Have the producers elected leadership abandoned responsibility for presenting the options - albeit based on quality advice - for the future development of their industries.

Have farmer's abandoned responsibility for their industries leadership to the highly paid faceless servants of international consultants?

God forbid that we have reached the point that we cannot mange our own industries.

The possibility BSE transmission through milk will raise a dreadful spectre in the minds of consumers in Europe.

Can New Zealand be certain that it too has not been contaminated with BSE?

Far more visible and more readily controlled intrusions of bugs and organisms have entered NZ in the past few years.

But even worse is the realisation that research cannot attempt to give a clear answer for another two years as to whether milk can be a BSE carrier. It seems that the industrialization of agricultural production in the Northern Hemisphere is turning into a disastrous experiment.

Animal feed production seems to be the source of the BSE introduction into the farming system. An animal feeding system that has been pushed to extremes based on the over generous availability of farm production subsidies that has invited abuse from the quick money feed entrepreneurs.

The EU's forty percent share of the international dairy market must be under threat but can NZ reliably claim that our production is entirely risk free?

Who is ensuring this guarantee can be given? The "Clean Green" claim looks remarkably fragile.

Good farming - better still, disease free farming.

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