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StrongWools Must Prevail in the New Market.

Greetings Readers

The harsh attack by the Wool Exporters Council on the intent of the StrongWools Business Plan development demonstrates the major difficulties inherent in managing change, particularly change in a producer marketing structure.

In normal terms of commercial practice the Wool Exporters Council should be condemned for its failure to provide a market return that would enable the existing wool volumes to be marketed or increase. Instead the Wool Exporters Council has presided over the decline of a once great industry and now seems to wish to remain ignorant of the destruction that their failure to perform has cost the pastoral industry.

Wool exporters have held a privileged and pivotal position in the wool-marketing channel. They have used and abused wool levy funds for market development and promotion and now when the wool industry is but a shadow if its past, demand that they should ride the corpse into the ground in a fit of pique.

Others in the business world have faced change - why should the wool exporters be exempt?

Farmers must support the changes that have been agreed under the McKinsey proposal and put aside the disruptive threats of the exporters.

Appeasement of the Wool Exporters demands is not an option.

Good farming

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