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Restraint on Vet's Strike

Greetings Readers

How will the MAF Veterinarians respond to the threat of a threat to sue as they try to sort out their clam for pay and better conditions?

It seems that MAF VA may be finding themselves in the invidious position as contractors to the industry of not being able to escape the responsibility for not maintaining a continuous service to the meat industry should a strike eventuate.

While not eliminating the risk of a strike and the devastating effects that would have on producers it appears that it may be causing the bureaucrats to consider their position more realistically.

But even more interesting is does or should the Verification authority have the contractual right to escalate their charges to the meat industry as a result of their management of the strike threat.

These are interesting times and it may be that contractual obligations in employment matters can be disciplined by the normal expectation of contractual performance.

Good farming

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