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Organics and GM - Where does the future lie?

Greetings Readers

The pressure groups bang on with their plausible blather on the hidden destruction of GM and that the salvation for a hungry world lies with producing less food- but organically.

Their claim to be the only insightful, totally informed group with access to wisdom and judgment that enables them without consideration of conscience or consequence to lay down the recipe for the world is staggering.

At a minor level the contradictions of their rationalisation of the need for Tegel to change to GM free soya - because that is what the consumers want - is shown up by the second news brief identifying the failure of a major UK food retailer to remain totally organic.

Farmers and particularly New Zealand farmers are under pressure to modify their traditional farming practices. Being a more market society we respond to calls claiming to say, "Because that is what the consumer wants".

The flaw in the proposition is that by allowing groups with their own agendas to be the source of our market intelligence is nothing short of stupid.

Good farming

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