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Meat Industry Progress

Greetings Readers

Richmond's Chief Executive has forcefully stated his expectation from his company. He is clearly aware that the players in the meat industry are loaded down by historical practices and expectations.

The example of the MAF Veterinarian strike action is an excellent example how easily the meat industry gets dragged back to its outdated past practices - if in doubt strike!

Affected but non-participating parties sit round the periphery throwing claims and counter claims while negotiations continue under threat and consequence that has little relevance to the strike claim but much to do with its outcome

If Mr Loughlin manages to shift the focus of his company from production to consumption matters he will have achieved a significant break through. A benefit not only to his shareholders but also to an industry that seems desperately short on leadership and an integrated approach to its markets.

The meat industry has many stories of apparent individual successes with innovative ideas and niche marketing strategies that hold centre stage for a time but few survive the test of time and the demands for long-term profit.

Can Richmond with its size and resources lead a change that focuses on capturing a market benefit from its products?

Has Richmond identified a consumer need and is now filling that need?

Can Richmond lead and motivate its staff and employees to meet the processing standards demanded by its markets?

And finally can Richmond define and set the qualities and standards for the livestock supplied that ensures that producers are rewarded for real market returns and not temporary marginal premiums resulting from processing charge manipulations?

Good farming

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