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Rebutting the Green Lobby

Greetings Readers

Drawing the line between sensible advocacy and irrational scare mongering by the green lobby has been a problem for producers as they plan their strategies to maintain their farm businesses into the future.

To produce conventionally or to produce "green" - under a set of variable organic rules - seems to be the decision being artificially forced on both producers and consumers. There is little evidence to recommend change other than that which becomes self evident as the demands and conventions of society evolve.

Conventional farming seems to have developed an ever-expanding list of undesirable practices that in the mind of its green critics will eventually be responsible for the demise of mankind.

Effort to rebut some of the extraordinary claims of the green lobby has been minimal, as it appeared logical that thinking consumers would see the false claims being presented.

Conventional farming always has the advantage of evidence that, imperfect as it is; mankind has continued to multiply and live longer at ever increasing rates on food produced by these bad practices.

Exposing the myth that organic production is toxic free is a good first step in rebalancing the scare mongering tactics of the organic zealots. Organic produce caked with copper sulphate crystals is not chemical free production irrespective of the zealots attempts to define "good" and "bad" natural chemicals.

Unrestrained, the green lobby has the potential to do untold damage to the methods and standards of husbandry developed by NZ's primary industries.

Good farming

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