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Enjoy the Dairy Success

Greetings Readers

Occasionally in rural life something positive comes along that stands above the mediocre performance that seems to be the norm - the indicated Dairy Board payout for this season is one of those benchmarks for dairy farmers.

An indicated 24 percent lift in payout is good news indeed, for an industry that has been hard pressed on all sides over the past decade.

It is ironical that at a time of reasonable payouts the dairy industry is being severely challenged by non-industry criticism as it goes about positioning itself for the next level of market development. Also the "if it ain't broken don't fix it" folk must be starting to get their arguments together - conservatism is never far from the surface in any group of farmers.

While attention has focused on the farmgate benefits from this payout lift an even more significant aspect of the industries contribution to the NZ economy is that proportion of the industries income that is paid for the NZ component of the industries processing costs and inputs over and above the farmers payouts.

But there is a salutatory warning to dairy excitement when comparisons are made with other pastoral production. Lamb producers have had a lift of 42 percent plus in their farmgate prices. An excellent lift in incomes that for some later season producers is under threat by the precious 120 MAF professional employees.

Success is a damned fickle thing

Good farming

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