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Vet Strike More Ominous for Future of Farmers?

Greetings Readers

The reality of a 30 percent claim lying behind the veterinarian's strike has been slow to surface.

Jim Sutton has at last put some clearer quantification on the real cost of the claims which regrettably includes a large measure of payment for feather bedding - a technique that should have long since been banned. A stupid and addictive indulgence traded on in the past by both the employers and the unions and being such an insidious practice, it all but brought this countries economy to its knees.

It seems this vets claim was a dispute waiting for the Employment Relations Act.

Although hotly denied by responsible employment ministers it appears that the ERA removes the responsibility to negotiate and reinstates strike as the primary tool for those unions's who choose not to negotiate.

The clocks have been turned back; the union muscles are being flexed and the game is on and value will dissipate from the primary sector.

Following the path of appeasement by indulging this governments wish for "turnsies" at the trough as a reward to the unions electing them sets in place a condition that will be severely paid for in the future by primary producers.

It is a pair lady fox's that are in the chook house and it could be that farmers and the meat industry are the chooks.

Good farming

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