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Protestors and Livestock Production

Greetings Readers

Yesterdays news item about the destruction caused to the retail meat trade in Auckland by Animal Liberation Front activists confirms that NZ livestock production, however surprising, is not immune to extremist attacks by an irrational fringe.

The smashing of upwards of 50 windows in Auckland to draw attention to an ALF claim that "the meat industry is based on the murder of millions of innocent animals and we don't need to eat meat so this cruelty can and should be stopped" is a disturbing prospect.

It seems the generation looking for a cause is drifting into the area of protesting the profits, as they are perceived by these pseudo "new worlders" exploitation of nature by farmers and global corporates.

The ALF statement that "millions of animals are suffering in factory farms and millions more are killed in slaughterhouses and the meat industry profits from all this suffering" shows the depressing mentality of the protesters.

But even worse the Animal Liberation Front believes in "economic sabotage and aim to put animal abusers out of business by costing them as much money as possible" however perverse and unlikely, as it is, it is still a threat to the future well-being of NZ's pastoral industries.

The same artificial abhorrence of genetically modified foods by urban groups because seeds originate from a international corporate such as Monsanto was evident this past northern hemisphere summer as groups set about the destruction of field research work..

These protestors are from the same groups who daily embrace the delights of tofu from soybeans or cappuccinos from coffee beans without a moment's consideration of the major profit generating modification of these products to make them palatable and deliver them to some urban guerillas redoubt.

The meat industry has a responsibility to ensure that the humane practices of its daily operation meet acceptable standards but more importantly the evidence and understanding of the reality of animal based food production must be continually be part of the information flow to customers and consumers.

Loveable gamboling little baa lambs in green pastures are many miles from the reality of the slaughterhouse floor or meat on the plate. The meat industry must take care that it promotes its product in accord with the reality of the processes of the industry.

Todays tattooed and body pierced animal rights protestor was probably conditioned by a TV diet of Lamb Chop the hand puppet with the smart human mind.

No wonder the task of meat marketing is so exacting.

Good farming

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