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Who is Pulling the Wool Industry Strings?

Greetings Readers

Why is it that the meat and wool producers continue to struggle with the structure of their industries and how the “producer good” aspect of producer cooperation should be managed?

Farmers with a strong sense of individual responsibility populate the meat and wool industries but because of this strong individualism they have allowed critical aspects of their marketing structures to be diverted from providing the expected benefits.

Wool levy payers have good reason to question the use of their funds both in the past and now as the old structures are dismantled.

The McKinsey report commissioned to identify a way forward, was discussed and voted on by producers. Groups and committees were given the task to manage the transition to new structures and husband the levy payer’s funds.

Persistent suggestions claiming that the “old guard” are still manipulating the new structures is countered by assurances that everything is progressing as planned and all will be revealed in due course.

Farmer indifference at this time will have far reaching effects – its time to demand answers.

Good farming

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