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Value for Meat Levy Payers?

Greetings Readers

Meat New Zealand finding criticism of its staffing and marketing activities 'absolutely staggering' should not be a surprise to most producers.

It seems that the Directors and executive of Meat New Zealand still cling to the belief that they are the best promoters of New Zealand Meat and because of historical precedent see that they should retain the funding to continue the wasteful program.

Levy payers should be dismayed and angry at the untenable position still being sought by Meat New Zealand inspite of claims by a major industry player that meat companies are 'doing pretty well' investing in their own markets.

Marketing and retail systems have moved on from the promotion of generic products. Even the promotion of country of origin has hazards that can knobble the best of marketing intentions in these times of instant communications.

It is time industry bodies faced up to their responsibility to function for the 'public good' of the payers of levies rather than subsidise the private good of processors, traders and retailers.

Administration of industry requirements for market access and quota management, production research to improve on farm efficiency and overall industry leadership remains the only requirements from levy payers of Meat New Zealand.

If Meat New Zealand executives want to be meat marketers they should move to the employ of companies who have a need for branding and marketing of their own products features and benefits at the customers level. In that real world of profit and loss, success will be rewarded with a continuation of employment. Failure with ??

Levy payers cannot allow the supposedly successful images of international meat promotions of the past to fog the demand for market efficiency in the future.

Good farming

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