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Foot and Mouth

Greetings Readers

The personal devastation to individual farmers caused by the foot and mouth outbreak in UK really struck home in this note from a friend who farms in Yorkshire.

"Anyway this is not going to go on forever as we still have a flock of sheep to look after but as we have now finished lambing I expect they will be ready to shoot any day.I must say it has been one of the most unpleasant times to endure.

You feel for your mates that have gone down, you rail against the sheer incompetence and almost criminal negligence of the first three or four weeks, and then you stagger out every day and wonder about every limp or listlessness that goes on and is it all worth it etc.

It just does not go away although at the moment there is a definite lull and one would like to think that it's beginning to come to an end.

Ten days ago the fires were over the horizon but then they came on to it and last week some sod who had sheep in six different locations one of which was in a hot spot went down with it at the top of the dale plus two places further down towards us.

It all got very nasty because what you may not realise is that for every new case that comes up they usually take out all the neighbours and any other contacts.As they do not like pigs anywhere near F&M my neighbours few pet pigs went as they were within 2 miles of a contact.

Anyway that all goes on to my North West and it has got within two/three miles to my North East but as one of the farms taken out there had some of another neighbours cattle wintering on it I expect we are beginning to look down the barrel.

It really is a sod and I would not wish it on anybody.

So now my glass is empty and I feel a little better for chest relief on the subject I will leave you in peace."

What more could be said…

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