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Naming a Dairy Executive and a Dairy Company

Greetings Readers

GlobalCo is selecting a new CEO and a new name for the merged company, both to be announced before shareholders vote next month

The expectations being placed on this new organisation will eventually be focused on this individual who takes the CEO position.

Not only will expectations of success be high from shareholders of the cooperative but because of the nature of the government's suspension of the Commerce Commission approvals, the general public through the press will also be certain to thoroughly examine every action of the company.

This will be a new and perhaps uncomfortable experience for the new dairy cooperative as in the past accountability has been diffused through the director electoral system and closed reporting meetings to shareholders leaving the CEO reasonably sheltered behind his board in both the old coop company and Dairy Board structures.

But most significant is the new and pivotal roll the CEO will play balancing and managing the daily demands of the market against the daily expectations of the producers with a new set of untested rules and intense interest from all parties..

The new CEO's characteristics will need to include the Judgement of God, the Wisdom of Solomon, the Leadership of Genghis Khan, and the humility of Mother Teresa - and that may be necessary to just survive the first directors meeting!

The naming of the new company seems to be leaning towards "Anchor" - a tried a proven name that may be seen to confirm the continuity of the values of the NZDB for the benefit the market.

However it misses the opportunity to devise a name in the context of Enza. A name and brand that has been successfully created and developed by the pipfruit industry from scratch, that now has world wide recognition.. But apple producers certainly did not welcome this name at the time of its introduction.

GlobalCo is being formed to give a new edge, a new capability,a new strength and to progress the NZ dairy farmer's place in the world.

Failure on that expectation is unthinkable but for the cynics of the industry who believe nothing has changed, the name TDR Corporation has been mooted for the new company - as in "Titanic Deckchair Rearrangement Corporation"

Good farming

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