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Taxing Flatulence

Greetings Readers

Yesterdays news article suggesting that the government is seriously considering an animal flatulence tax to conform to the wishes of the green lobby and the Kyoto protocol is verging on the bizarre going on the stupid

An annual carbon tax estimated at $35,000 for the average sheep and beef farmer and $15,000 for the average dairy farmer to the layman farmer is a tax proposal that’s application seems incomprehensible.

While the objective of a tax may be the reduction of total carbon emissions for the whole economy by eliminating the marginal portions of the pastoral industry, that end may not be achieved that simply.

It seems to be the ambition of this government to have all land currently grazed by sheep planted in trees. Perhaps in anticipation of a surge in demand by paying tree huggers for a place to visit to while away their non industrialised time.

The suggested annual carbon tax of $35,000 will halve the current profit of the average sheep and beef farmer. Can this be the intention of the governments plan? If the tax was applied as currently indicated how can the government be certain that the land would pass into the hands of foresters rather than other more efficient pastoral farmers.

If total carbon emissions are not reduced and addition carbon sinks created then surely the proposed tax is nothing more than cerebral bull sh*t.

Perhaps President Bush has a clearer understanding of the effects of the Kyoto Protocol than he has been given credit for. He may, by his action in abandoning the US ratification be rightly pointing out the need for a substantial rethink of this very fraught issue.

Beware of “greens bearing taxes”

Good farming

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